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Imagine the possibility of rejuvenating your appearance in a matter of weeks!

Nowadays, anti-aging dentistry is revolutionizing the aesthetic field. It is now considered a non-invasive and natural alternative to what plastic surgeons have been offering for a long time.


Dr. Méthot offers anti-aging dentistry . He thus offers his patients a new option to help them achieve a more youthful appearance, by decreasing the visibility of wrinkles, plumping the lips and perfecting the teeth. It can take years away from you in just a few treatments. When it comes to reducing the signs of aging, cosmetic dentistry should be the first option to consider. You should know that, as you age, the lower part of the face begins to shrink.

With cosmetic and functional dentistry , it is possible to reduce wrinkles and look younger by manipulating the length and size of teeth. There are other benefits: as the teeth wear down over time, jaw closure can be impeded and cause pain. Cosmetic and functional dentistry can also eliminate this discomfort.

The advantage of this method is its effectiveness and the gratification felt. The goal is to offer you a natural result that will help rejuvenate your appearance.

Dr. Méthot will create your custom smile design based on several factors, such as the shape of your face. If you have a round face, a slimming effect will be achieved by creating longer, square teeth. It is possible to assess many of these factors even before touching your teeth thanks to a photo and the Getursmile simulation.

It is also possible to reduce wrinkles above the upper lip by inflating the facet or the crown forward in a subtle way: the lip and the skin covering the facet or the crown are pushed outwards, this which diminishes wrinkles and can make the upper lip appear fuller.

Longer teeth are often synonymous with youth, while older teeth are shorter due to wear. To achieve a more youthful appearance, the veneers must therefore be longer than the original teeth.

Another sign of aging is the black spaces between your teeth and the corners of your lips when you smile. To correct this defect, Dr. Méthot gives volume to the back teeth with dental crowns. This widens your smile and gives it shine by eliminating dark corners. Finally, you should know that teeth stain with age, and a deteriorating smile can add years to your face.

Obtenez une consultation virtuelle gratuite dès maintenant!


Dr Méthot vous offre la possibilité d’obtenir une consultation virtuelle gratuite aux gens intéressés à optimiser leur sourire. Vous pouvez nous appeler directement au : 450-933-7427.  Vous pouvez également nous envoyer un selfie de votre sourire. Voici les trois étapes faciles à suivre, une fois que vous accédez au formulaire de demande en cliquant sur ce lien : consultation virtuelle en ligne.


1. Vous téléchargez un selfie de votre visage avec un plein sourire. C’est également le moment de partager vos préoccupations ou vos désirs concernant votre sourire.

2. Nous vous envoyons une vidéo personnalisée répondant à vos questions et préoccupations. Cette vidéo contiendra également des recommandations personnalisées à votre cas.

3. Une fois que vous avez examiné vos recommandations, vous pouvez planifier une visite en personne à la clinique.

C’est une façon innovatrice de faire une consultation esthétique. Ceci peut s’avérer un moyen facile pour simplement partager les possibilités qui s’offrent à vous. Vous pourrez ensuite décider si la proposition vous intéresse et si vous souhaitez allez de l’avant avec soit la procédure ou une consultation clinique.



Appelez au : 450-933-7427


Envoyez votre selfie : Formulaire d'envoi


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