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The results are safe and give a natural appearance.

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Teeth whitening can give you a dazzling smile that will get lots of compliments.


Dr. Méthot will examine your teeth and gums to determine if they are healthy enough to receive whitening. Whitening gel can irritate diseased teeth and gums and create sensitivity. Teeth should be treated before whitening .

Dr. Méthot will also analyze the cause of the spots . In some cases, teeth whitening may be ineffective. Dr. Méthot has extensive experience in cosmetic dentistry and he will be able to tell you if this is the right solution for you. He will recommend the best treatment given your situation and other alternatives.


Your options for a brighter smile


Dr. Méthot offers you teeth whitening at home . We take impressions of your teeth to make whitening trays designed especially for you. Custom trays are fitted so that the whitening gel you will be given stays sealed against your teeth to help the gel penetrate through your tooth enamel and prevent it from irritating your gumline. We will give you the whitening gel that will give you a dazzling smile.


Dr. Méthot uses professional quality whitening products , which penetrate below the surface of the teeth to remove stains. These products even whiten tooth pigmentation to improve the appearance of your smile. The products sold in pharmacies have only a fraction of the effectiveness of the gel he uses.

The procedure is simple:

  • Place a small amount of gel in the gutters every day.

  • Wear the trays every day for 45 minutes.

  • Your teeth will whiten gradually.

  • After two weeks of bleaching, your smile will already be much whiter.

  • If you want an even whiter smile, you can continue with other gels.

  • You can do periodic touch-ups at home to keep your smile bright.

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