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Dr. Alain Methot


Graduated in Dental Medicine from the University of Montreal at the age of 23 in 1981.

I obtained a master's degree in occlusion at Donau University in Austria in 2011.

My favorite sector of activity is the aesthetics of the smile, my journey led me to create the design of the digital smile as it is practiced and exploited today in dentistry with 2D and 3D software. 

I now have 40 years of practice and for me my job is not a job, it's where I realize myself and I'm proud of it because I change people's lives while doing what I love To do.

I also give coaching in smile aesthetics and conferences in several countries in the implementation and use of the digital smile design system.


A few words about my journey


Perfectionist by nature, I tried to help my profession by developing  a methodology and a process for making smiles in patients. Having witnessed the difficulties of delivering a smile that is adapted to each person's face, I spent time developing an algorithm to define the ideal position of each of the teeth of the smile in the simulation software using facial photography of the patient

I therefore applied for a patent for this algorithm in 2005 which was registered in the 2 countries requested, namely Canada and the USA. You will find the patent by clicking on this link:

I continued my approach and added 2D and 3D computer-guided simulation of the patient's smile using the algorithm in the Dental GPS software that I designed. From this simulation it was possible, for the first time in history, to digitally transpose the 2D simulation onto the 3D patient models.

In 2009 I registered a second patent with 2D libraries and the corresponding 3D libraries in Canada, USA and 6 European countries:  France, UK, Italy, Spain, Germany, Denmark.   You will find the patent by clicking on this link:


Today GPS software is used by dentists in the Getursmile platform which I also developed for the presentation of aesthetic smile treatment plans to patients.

I will use this platform to introduce you to your smile simulation and personalized treatment plan.





From my curiosity and my entrepreneurial side  I have shared my knowledge with the dental world, from 1990 to today, I have given lectures to my peers in dental adhesion, occlusion and Smile Design.

       Some of the conferences I have given around the world








































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