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Professional videos

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Getursmile training in Quebec 2018

Training given to dentists in Quebec in 2018.

Attend the live realization of a case of 10 CADCAM veneers of a patient who accepted her future smile by simulation.


Training result

Mission accomplished.

The smile design was generated with the Dental GPS software which is now integrated into GetUrSmile, a web-based smile planning platform created by Dr. Méthot

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Conference in Monaco

Interview with Dr Alain Méthot in 2016, the founder of Dental GPS 3D.


Morocco 2018

Dental GPS 3D training given to dentists in Morocco

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Dubai 2018

Dental GPS 3D Training for Dentists in the Middle East with Dr Ahnaf Aljajah


Istanbul 2018

Testimonials from dentists in the Middle East following the Dental GPS 3D training

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Arabia 2018

Testimonials from a dentist from Arabia following the Dental GPS 3D training


Online training 2020

Online training given to dentists during the Covid period

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